By John Kay: Relationship between China and Africa:

1. China invested more than $50billion in African infrastructure projects in a span of 8 years from 2009 to 2017. This is the highest for any country in the world. For example, China recently built a super fast railway line between Nairobi and Mombasa which is worth $3.2billion. They also constructed almost $4.5billion coastal railway line in Nigeria. A $900million dam in Equatorial Guinea. They recently funded for Free Trade Zone in Djibouti. Not just these, there are many more.

2. The annual trade between Africa and China is over $130billion per year. It is projected to cross $200billion by the end of 2018 which is 4times that of Africa’s trade with USA.
3. More than 75% of African students choose China for their abroad study.
4. China is the leading job creator in Africa. Majority of African population is working for Chinese companies.

By the above facts you might think that China is a lot kinder to African nations then any other country including India. But you know, China is an opportunist country, they simply don’t involve themselves in anything until and unless there have a profit in it. From Africa’s point of view, China is a real friend to Africa. But the fact is it’s not so friendly as they think.

Since beginning of 21st century, China has realized about its strength and started trying to dominate over USA at the world level. They want to become the superpower of the world. As a step towards that goal, they started by buying allies. Most of Africa is undeveloped and struggling with many problems. For them to sort out their problems and to develop their country, they need money. China has money, so by resourcing their money into Africa’s development, they’re literally buying them. China had made so much of influence that during 2007 General Assembly Resolution for “Human Rights Situation in North Korea” 45 countries out 54 countries in Africa stood along with China in support to North Korea who is his “best friend”. This is from the political point of view.

From economical point of view, China’s almost a developed country. It’s growth rate has become constant. The reason for China’s growth was its cheap labor in the early ’80s which led tremendous industrialization in China. Now, because of Industrialized China most of the Chinese have been pushed from poverty to middle class level. So, low cost manufacturing is not possible anymore in China. But for it to become economic superpower, they need improve their GDP. With lack of low cost resources in it, China eyed towards Africa, which still has a lot of natural resources to be exploited which can be resourced into Chinese manufacturing companies and to carry in-place manufacturing in Africa itself which has very cheap labor. So they started setting up their industries in Africa and have started to make money out of it. Assuming that their investment in Africa is progressive, they could become world’s economical, political and military superpower in no time.

So, in short my answer to the question, China-Africa’s relation is shown off as China’s helping Africa “with no strings attached”. China’s is having is more benefits out of this relationship than Africa. The way China influencing African countries is very dangerous as the power dynamics shift to China whose ideologies are vastly different and highly aggressive which could lead to disturbance of world’s peace one day.



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